Audience as designers! For designing a PLE?

A little of the ideas of the author:
The audience as authors

Designing with instead of designing for
Finding a place where they (the audience) can collaborate
How you ignite the imagination of many? how do you get people engaged in something? What design elements have to be in the environment to trigger the best out of the students?
How can I let the students come in and be the protagonist of their own story, their own hero journey?
I am trying to build bridges between 2 worlds. It could be between the digital and the analog.
How can I move a story in a pervasive way that allows people to engage in it?
The story needs to be compelling enough that they want to do things with it

One thought on “Audience as designers! For designing a PLE?

  1. Is there a way to create emotional connection to something? How can we ignite the imagination of many? How do get students effectively engaged in learning? How can I let people come into the space and become the protagonist of the story that is to be told? How to design bridges between the analog and the virtual world, between knowing and learning? How to create stories that are compelling enough so you want to be a part of it?
    All these are questions that Lance Weiler makes in this short but interesting video about including the audience in the design process in an organic era
    I also ask myself about how can I include my audience in the design of a learning space. Can it be made in an organic way?
    Taking into account that wireless communication is transforming us into active terminals of the network (Giovanella, Spadavecchia and Camus, 2010) -therefore possible designers-.
    Design for educational experiences in the process level “enables to respond to complexity by structuring flexible processes that can from one side acquire the organicity of the natural systems and on the other include the iterativity of the scientific method[…] ”
    It is something that the complexity of this new networked social interactions is bringing me to reflect on.

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