Skills + Competencies needed in the research field

Objectives 2020
Research policies are central to domestic growth and international competitive strategies. From “Lisbon” to “Bologna” and throughout the construction of the European Research Area, the knowledge economy and the knowledge society have repeatedly been cited as major challenges for the coming years.
Other issues, key to predicting the outcome of current changes in the needs of the research world, include changes in education systems and increasing profesionalization of research work, job appeal, and mobility and career management. In this context, APEC (Management Jobs Association) and Deloitte Consulting decided to conduct a joint international survey on the skills and competencies needed in research-related jobs within the next 10 years. For the first time, a forward-looking international study presents the vision and expectations of researchers and research managers with regard to skills and competencies.
This study addresses six key questions: What are the main trends in the changing organisation of research? What skills and competencies are currently sought after in a researcher? Which are specific to a junior researcher and which to an experienced researcher? How will they change over the next 10 years? What is the current degree of proficiency of these skills? What actions and strategies have been introduced or are planned to produce, attract and retain researchers? This study therefore addresses a wide audience: PhD students, researchers and research personnel, recruitment and career management professionals in every type of organisation (laboratory, business, university department, etc.), professors, newly qualified researchers, and executives keen to exercise their talents in the research world.


Evaluation of the OLDS (Online Learning Design Studio) MOOC curriculum design course: participant perspectives, expectations and experiences.
This is a course that I did, not completely but a big part of it. I realised that I was not ready for a MOOC experience. It  was overwhelming for me. I could not cope with the many spaces to interact in and I was not capable of choosing. I have a to voracious mind that is my worst enemy. It showed me that for people as me (and I think there are many out there, specially young students) there must be a way to help with this way of being.
I am still thinking of what could I have done to overcome the sensation and continue. It was an excellent course that left very good traces all over the world, from Australia to Venezuela