Education is different from schooling
Students are not objects to act on rather they are subjects to relate with. So educators shall act with learners not upon them .
Educere is the process of drawing out the learning. Encouraging and giving time to discover. Dewey said it is a process of living not to prepare for living. A process of inviting truth and possibilities. Pestalozzi said education is rooted in human nature. It is a matter of head, hand and heart. It is a commitment we make with our selves. A way to honor our very nature, that is, to reason. That is what we do in order to be differentiated from other species. So following the greeks, reasoning is what we have to do at our best. That is our commitment with life
We need to find identity, meaning and purpose. That could be found through education.
Pedagogy: From greek. Paidagogos: Slaves who escort child to school and look for them afterwards. I would say that it has a weird connotation regarding the idea of a slave doing this job.
Paidos: Child agogo: leader agein: to lead
Greek -agōgos, -ē, -on,  akin to ágein  to lead, cognate with Latin agere:  to lead, drive, Old Norse aka  to carry, convey


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