Drawing storyboard for your writings

This is taken from the little book: Doing Research from Garry Thomas Drawing storyboards:  Is like a mind map of the subject we are interested in. Its a way of exploring issues attached to your topic.  You can look at strands, areas of enquiry. It helps you to come up with fruitful avenues of inquiry on almost anything. Is like extending your thinking as much as possible. (I still couldn’t do mine). Making headway: While doing the literature review and the storyboard you think intensely about your topic. The interest of doing research in a particular idea is already there. How can we start to write about it? How will your argument proceed?  It is thinking about where the issue lies?
Do a first writing so others engage and follow your work. You need to find an angle: The so what? (in words of Thomas) You are looking at personal learning environments, so what? You are looking at technology in the class, so what? … My case: The issue lies in 2 main aspects:

  1. Regarding the technology: * Emerging trends that will transform society: Personalisation, informalisation (digitalisation), collaboration as future trends in           education. (Redecker, et al. 2011)
  2.  It is a Learn skills that will empower young learners to initiate the process of becoming life long learners in order to adapt and respond flexible to change.
  3. Regarding students and math: Disaffected students and general low achievement and poor understanding in mathematics (attitudes)

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