Digital Literacies not Literacy

Doug Belshaw in a Ted talk about digital literacies:
Some of his ideas:
They have to be social negotiated and they context dependent.
They should be develop progressively and not sequentially. To learn digital literacies the best way is to focus on people interests, to get this intrinsic motivation to get them to want to develop these digital literacies by themselves. The space to develop digital literacies would be the intersection space between personal interests and important issues in the life of the learner.
In order to teach them we need some kind of framework, a kind of guiding principles, essential elements of digital literacies.
There are 8 essential elements of digital literacies:

  • The cognitive
  • The constructive
  • The communicative
  • The civic
  • The creative
  • The cultural
  • The confident
  • The critical

The essential aspect of all of them is REMIX.
Digital literacies practice is on constantly in flux. It is a lifelong project were all of us needs to be involved

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