Personal learning environment and the learning of mathematics. Possibility or reality?

E-DynamicSpace with no frame
I have participated in a conference organised in Belgrade by Singidunum University. They are oriented towards business and the conference mainly approached themes about the impact of the Internet on business activities in Serbia. They  have plans to broaden their offer and include educational studies. So for this conference they invited speakers and papers that relate education and the Internet, which is my case. My interest lies in between these two areas.  I am looking at how can the affordances of digital technologies be explored and exploited by teacher-students (prospective teachers)  in the learning of mathematics. Is a personal learning environment an effective and powerful tool to stage-manage the learning/teaching experience of teacher-students and build experience in the field? If the hypothetical answer is yes, why is it so and how should this space be conceived? What are some features such a space should have?
In the time I have been working in this -for now only theoretically prototype idea-  I have changed the RME for just an E.  It is now EDynamicSpace (E stands for empty, as this space starts as an empty workbench for teacher-students which will be filled with their work, ideas, knowledge artefacts, tools and all what for them is needed to process and learn mathematics through its history and the ignitors for the work are teacher-student questions.
So it starts as an empty place and it will end as the imagination and curiosity of each user will take them.
More details of my idea in this paper which is online in the conference site:

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