Maria Popova tells us a great story of wisdom in an age of information overflow.

The only thing I would change is that in my understanding of the world, there is no wrong or right direction. We take the direction we can in a given moment in time and in particular circumstances. That choice will take us somewhere and observing that place mindfully we will then choose again informed by it. That is how wisdom builds, by observing mindfully our choices, directions and journeys, what they have brought to our lives and how these elements can influence our new choices. A cycle of infinite learning, which relates with Hegel’s idea of knowledge, (…) an eternal tango with the unfamiliar.
Wisdom can be seen as the eternal sailing in the see of the unfamiliar and knowing how to navigate the uncertain, the unknown is at the heart of what wisdom is…

It is through symbols, metaphors and associations that storytellers helps us to make sense of existing knowledge

Transmuting knowledge into wisdom is our choice more so, our duty!
A great story invites an expansion of understanding and if lucky, a self-transcendence. It plants the seed and makes growing our understanding of the world, of some aspect of existence, of ourselves as a part of the cosmos.

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