Writing! Writing! Only doing it I can improve

I will start tomorrow a summer challenge #AcWriSummer, aimed at improving my writing skills and to practice, coached by others, to stick to a writing schedule. Although I am a hard worker it is difficult for me to stick to a schedule. I tend to be driven by deadlines although I start to produce ideas and collect material at the beginning of any writing or research challenge, the engine starts producing very near of the deadline leaving little room and time for editing and revising, a fundamental part of writing.
We are going to use the book How to write an article in 12 weeks written by Wendy Belcher. I started to do some research about the book and I found a podcast with @WendyLBelcher on writing productivity.
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Improving my writing skills with the Magna Carta

I am taking a very curious MOOC with Future Learn, Exploring English: Magna Carta. I want to improve my writing skills and I thought this is an interesting way to deepen my knowledge about the Magna Carta and at the same time improve my writing skills.
I am sharing this as I consider the resource can be useful for others interested in improving their english writing skills. The learning is contextualised in one of the most important documents in humanity: The Magna Carta!  I am very curious how the design of the course is going to be as I am my self a teacher interested in the use of technology in the process of learning.
Click here and here to see two beautifully illustrated videos that explains briefly what the document is about and its importance throughout history.
Let’s see how it goes!