Week 9: 11-11/17-11

Monday 11 November:
External Funding: Nothing for me at this stage. There is a good opportunity in my research to look for funding because of the social impact of the project. But I need to be much more secure and proficient in my writing skills and most of all I nee to found the discipline, routine, to sit and write every day.  I was reading some lovely text referring to how great thinkers did what they did, and most of them talked about a discipline, a routine to sit and write. DO AND NOT WANDER FOR HERE TO THERE. I am very concerned about this issue, it has been very difficult for me to sit and write. I can read tons of things and even I enjoy the reading. I am an active reader, I write tons of notes in the pages of my books, I really think very much in  my idea while I am reading and I do try to put all what I read towards my project. But when it comes to writing, then I struggle.
What to do? Well I decided to force myself to go to the library and sit there for at least 4 hours. And there I must come to something. I don’t know how to connect all my ideas. It is very difficult for me. And that means that I have to sit and work on that bit. The one I do not master. 

Regarding funding the task would be to talk to Dan Davis asking of who could be interested in the project. He said he knew who.
The ex-policeman has not jet answer the email neither Sally
Catch 22 is an organisation that works with at risk students, I have to contact them. Other organisations or persons gathered in the conference for NEET 2013.
Read 2 reports from the Children’s  Comissioner:

  • They never give up on you (archived in my Mac)
  • What we say me need (November, 2013)

Both files are inputs for the need analysis that is needed in order to understand what is the cause of young students disengagement , as well as the material of the MJV (Portuguese). Cultural Probe.
Creativity Issues is a good web page to look for cultural probe and other tools to use while the Design Thinking process.
Tuesday 12-11:
Digital Resources Workshop
Important thing I learned, maybe obvious, but for me it is important to state the obvious

  • In order to go fast, you must go slow. Or in spanish…Vísteme despacio que voy apurado!  In Italian…Chi ha fretta vada piano

This is important while taking the time and the patience to search in the library digital resource page. It is worth to take the time to do it. It is one of the most important things for the quality of the research.
For the search process looking for the subject terms is relevant, those terms will be useful when setting alarms and looking for particular research areas.
My subject terms:

  • Educational technology
  • Educational Innovation
  • Secondary Education
  • Student centred learning
  • Individuali?ed instruction  (The ? means that the term can be written with s or z, so it will search both cases)

Journalm3tric is a good tool in order to search for the impact of a journal. Which is important in the search of articles and also to get into this high impact journals and see how are the articles there. You want to get published in one of them.
Rebekka Atkins (Bekky) made a comprehensive presentation with many good links.
Some of my notes of the session:

  • The search is not only done in our library, it is a network of libraries where we can search for printed books. Links are in the presentation, but I will put some in a list here:
  1. sconul.ac.uk
  2. European Library
  3. Search 25
  4. Explore the British Library
  5. Copac: National Libraries all over the UK
  6. Library of Congress Online Catalog
  7. World Catalog 
  8. Early English Books EEBBO
  9. Eighteenth Century Collection Online (ECCO)
  10. Thesis Repository EThOS

Books relating the research craft

  1. Handbook of Social Media for Researcher and Supervisor. Shailey Minocha and Marion Petre
  2. The Routledge Doctoral Students’s Companion. Edited by Pat Thomson and Melanie Walker
  3. The Literature Review( 2009). Lawrence A. Machi and Brenda T. McEvoy. Corwin Press.

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